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Meet Jonah

Jonah is not your typical politician. He has an extensive background in the Information Technology field where he had to solve problems using data, facts, and a little common sense. He believes Congress will benefit greatly from this simple principle. He does not view politics as a career path but rather an obligation to our great country. Like so many of you, he has increasingly become dissatisfied by the way things continue to go and feels the relentless calling not to sit idly by and watch the country self-destruct.

He has never been known to be the person to take the easy way; in fact, those that know him best would say the opposite. His empathetic approach to life has always led him to question why things are the way they are. He continues to observe his surroundings, grow as a person, and learn through life experiences. As a Wilmington resident, he is ready to fight on behalf of the 780,480 North Carolinians in the 7th district. In Congress he vows to address the issues of today and the future using data, facts, and a little common sense.

With an extensive IT background, Jonah Gardner had to solve problems using data, facts, and a little common sense. Congress will benefit greatly from this simple principle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we need now more than ever are rational leaders focused on bringing our country back together. To quote JFK "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."
I don't look at it like there are "lower level" positions and "upper level" positions. There just happens to be different positions that focus on different things. Focusing on the issues of our Country are what I'm most passionate about and it's where I feel my talents will best used. I'm not looking for a career in politics (in fact, I fully support term limits), I'm running because I can't turn my back on the Country that I love when it needs it most.
Well first of all, I believe in being fiscally responsible. Each dollar needs to be spent with more care than if it were your own, because it is more important than that - You are spending someone else's hard earned money. But to answer the question, education is always the most important area for improvement. If you take any issue we face today and whittle it down to the root cause; education is either the problem or a large portion of the problem. If we improve there all our issues will become just a little bit easier to deal with.
That's a tough question. I would have to go with a classic like Top Gun.
Spare time is a bit of a rarity these days but, I really like to stay active. I play volleyball, enjoy surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, working out, I play the guitar and drums and I'm looking forward to joining a softball team this summer.
Being a former bodybuilding competitor I would have to recommend chicken, brown rice and a salad. However, I like a good cheesecake every once in a while.



I believe education is the single most important issue facing us today. With the right education we can create jobs, solve our energy crisis, fix social inequality, prevent war, and so much more, all of which will affect all of us as well as generations to come. A quality education should be available to all of our citizens and we are doing our country a great injustice until this has been achieved. This is one area we must never settle for "good enough."

In Congress I will:

  • Support common sense education reform that better prepares students for the "real world."
  • Support teachers and schools to make sure they have the skills and tools they need to succeed.
  • Take any measures I can to reduce the cost of higher education.
  • Support more Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) integration.

Health Care

Healthcare is a human right for every individual. Healthcare costs have gone up over 800% over the past 50 years. Prescription drug costs are out of control in the US, and hospital stays cost more in the US than in other countries. Americans should not have to choose between paying their rent or getting the medical care they need.

When it comes to healthcare for our veterans we dropped the ball a long time ago. I have seen firsthand the tragedies that result because of extreme inefficiencies within the VA. Our military selflessly signs up to defend our freedom because they believe in our country. It's well past time we honor our agreement with them when it comes to their well-being.

In Congress I will:

  • Support common sense healthcare reform.
  • Fight to reduce the out-of-control price hikes in healthcare.
  • Take action to reduce the prescription drug costs.
  • Fight to provide a VA system that actually works and meets the needs of our veterans.

Better Government

Candidates running for the House of Representatives currently have to raise approximately 1.8 million dollars to run a competitive campaign and roughly 10 million for the Senate. It's difficult to believe our representatives have the public's best interest in mind when this much money is in the picture. This is unacceptable and must change.

Our county becomes more and more divided by the day. Congress must stop playing partisan political games and remember that we are ALL Americans first, if we want to move forward as a country.

There must also be more transparency as to what our government is doing for you. This information must be easily readable and easily accessible.

In Congress I will:

  • Fight for better transparency and make the information easier to find and easier to understand.
  • I will work across party lines to find the best possible solutions to our issues.
  • Fight to keep big money out of politics.
  • Fight for congressional term limits. Our government needs a constant flow of new ideas.

Economy and Jobs

In 2015 18% of the population in our district alone lived below the poverty line. This is completely unacceptable. While the national average is 14%, there are states with only 7-9% living below the poverty level. We can and must do better. This will take bipartisan efforts and a little common sense, but I'm optimistic that in Congress I can help make progress on our economy.

In Congress I will:

  • Work with economists and business leaders in our district to gain insight and information.
  • Work across party lines to develop the best possible plan of action.
  • Fight for increased minimum wages.
  • Fight for better paying jobs in our district.


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